Mahood: Edition #1

Mahood: Edition #1


Mahood: Edition #1 is a digital magazine full of stories of hope communicated through song, written word, visual art, and design. All the lyrics from the EP can also be found inside.

Each digital magazine includes a code for a free download of the EP (and an extra surprise).

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"I belong to a community. It’s filled with dreamers and creators, hearts filled with compassion, mercy, grace, those that love strangers well, those that invite people over, with dinner, table settings, and a seat where you feel you belong.

I have found myself here and been given a voice here. It’s because of this that I am even releasing music and this magazine under MAHOOD. Because yes, I want you to hear my story—but also those that are seated at the table with me. As you sit with us and hear the words I’ve sung or read the words my friends have written, I want you to know this: You have a place too, a voice, and that the world longs to hear it. "